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Become a Seint Artist

The Artist Program goes beyond makeup to provide an opportunity for women to support their family financially, build lifelong friendships, and help other incredible women fall in love with themselves again. We are all beautiful, worthy, & irreplaceable. If we can help just one woman in this world see her true beauty, believe she is worthy and more than her reflection, we have the opportunity to change not only her life, but the lives of generations of women to come.  

The Seint Artist Program is a mentorship program that provides guidance, and encouragement as you build your business. When you join Team Kaptivating, you will get me as your direct mentor and all of the resources and community of my upline/team. Customize your business to fit your personal style. You can share the makeup however you are comfortable. You don't have to build a team to be successful in this business and building a team is NOT a requirement.

I would love to chat with you abut the Artist Program and answer any questions you might have! 


Artist Kits

Every Artist Kit comes packed with various  highlights and  contours, palettes, eyeshadows, and brushes, as well as, marketing materials (available in PDF format) to help jumpstart your business.

Click "Join Now" to see which kit is the best fit for you!

Basic Kit

$199 (US)

C$279.00 (CAN)


Pro Kit

$399 (US)



As a Seint artist, you can set your own hours, be your own boss, and  build lifelong friendships with other amazing women. Empower yourself and others and boost your income by sharing products that you love. As an added bonus, you can earn free products & take incredible trips as you build your business.

You can earn 20% commission on anything you sell & qualify for higher percentages when you increase your sales volume.

CV Amounts = Commission Percentage

$0 - $319 =  20%

$320 - $639 = 25%

$640 - $1,599 = 30%

$1,600 - $3,199 = 35%

$3,200+ = 40%

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