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Letting go is hard, but His plan is always better.

“Let go and let God..."

It’s a phrase that has been used so often that it’s become a bit of a cliché nowadays. But there’s so much truth in it.

We can get so caught up in what’s going on in our lives—the drama, the unfortunate events, the inconveniences, the disappointments—that we can lose sight of the end goal. God’s perfect plan for our life.

No, we don’t have to know all of the details—although wouldn’t that be nice? But that’s where faith kicks in and trusting God to do what He does best. Jeremiah 29:11, anyone?

He is a LOVING father who wants what is the VERY BEST for you. He has NO DESIRE to harm you. His plans for you are SO good.

I want you to just take a minute and picture your idea of a “perfect life”. Doesn’t it seem wonderful the life you imagine?

God’s plan for your life is SO MUCH MORE.

No, it may not be exactly like what you imagined, but that’s why it’s perfect. Because the one who designed it is perfect.

And His plan for your life is just as unique and handcrafted as you.

And if you just step back and allow God to guide your steps and direct your path, He will lead you to and through an incredible journey.

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