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Seint Beauty

Seint (pronounced 'Saint') introduced its four shade makeup system to provide women with maximum (yet natural) dimension with half the amount of time AND product necessary for traditional foundation.


Rather than applying layer upon layer of product to recreate the natural dimension your face already has, Seint's IIID foundation enhances your beautiful features while minimizing the distractions (blemishes, dark circles, etc.)

The IIID foundation system consists of four products: highlight, contour, lip + cheek, and illuminator. Each of these shades are applied ONLY to the area of the face where they belong, and when blended, provide coverage and all the benefits of highlighting and contouring without the layers.

Each IIID foundation tin costs only $14 and lasts 3-12+ months. The best part? When you run out of a shade or product, you only have to replace that one shade or product. The compacts are magnetic which allow you to pop product tins in and out for easy refills, swaps, etc. That means you no longer have to throw out your entire compact and buy new!


As your Seint Artist, I'll recommend the right shades for your skin tone so you don't have to guess!

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United States


Mission Statement

Beauty connects us.
It transcends time and knows no boundaries.
Seeking, experiencing, and cultivating beauty in ourselves and the world around us is a sacred work.
And that work—our work—is beautiful.
We see beauty in every face.
Our mission is to preserve and nurture it.
Everything we do and everything we create is based on what we believe in:
That beauty matters.
That helping others look beautiful is nice,
But helping them believe they are beautiful is life changing.
Beauty is not our creation;
Beauty is our passion.

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